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The Artisans

Art for us is functional (well, mostly!). We strive to create pottery that’s all things nice, evokes nostalgia, puts a smile on your face and make the food and drink more delicious.


Preethi Vemu

For me, pottery started as an attempt to understand Sharanya when he talked about his great passion. I am mostly self-taught and whatever I learnt is from my teacher, Sharanya :)

A couple of classes in the local community pottery studio later, I was hooked. I love how the whirring mechanical motion calms me, and I enjoy the high in waiting for the glazed pieces to get out of the kiln. I love the look and feel of naked clay in my hands and all my pieces reflect that.

I've always had interests other than my day job and I love making things with my hands - I used to be a Food Blogger and a photography enthusiast. I make my own Kombucha and now, I am learning how to grow Bonsai plants. I also have plans to start tailoring at least some of my clothes and making my own wooden bowls & small wooden furniture.

Sharanya Vemu

In the year 2022, I took a break for 10 months from my full time work to hone my skills on the potters wheel to create tableware that can be part of your daily ritual - like the quiet morning cup of coffee that you savour in solitude or sharing a meal with someone over a conversation.

I spent most of my career working on creating user experiences that are - 'functional' :-) . While these are two diametrically different industries, the fundamentals of user experience remain unchanged, which is to hold and use something that's aesthetic, simple, intuitive and familiar.


I derive inspiration from my middle-class South Indian upbringing and the stories I heard growing up.

I like to dabble in music, read poetry and ride my Enfield in the Western Ghats.

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